Flavors of Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie Cakes and Desserts are made to order from the freshest ingredients. Specialty cakes are covered with a silky buttercream, chocolate buttercream and/or a thin layer of fondant (if your design calls for it). Signature flavors and fillings include:

• Perfect Strawberry (strawberry cream cheese filling/frosting)

• Citrus (lemon icing)

• Honey Bun

• German Chocolate (coconut pecan filling/frosting)

• Cookies and Crème

• Butter

• Marble

• Vanilla

• Coco

• Almond

• Off the Menu specialty Flavors/Fills available!

Treat yourself to min muffs (pecan pie and lemon drop), rolled sugar cookies, rolled chocolate sugar cookies and our signature cookie (with chocolate chips, pecans, almonds and coconut).

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